Woodbine Martial Arts and Scott Thompson are dedicated to spreading traditional martial arts across the Midwest. We currently have three schools affiliated with us across Nebraska and Iowa. Each of these schools is exemplary in the quality of instruction and atmosphere provided. As affiliates, our students are often seen training in the other schools whenever they can. We also get together at least twice a year for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminars from Fabio Santos, Scott Thompson and Greg James.

Please take a moment to checkout our brothers and sisters in training, and if you are in Omaha, definitely stop by!

Our mission is to enhance the lives of children and adults through the martial arts. We train – discipline, accountability, self confidence, and positive mental attitudes. Nick Cerios Kenpo is an Internationally recognized style of martial arts. We teach traditional kenpo-karate and include programs for competition. The dojo (facility) is top of the line and our instructors take pride in training our system to best enhance the students and their progression. 

3405 Oak View Dr
Omaha, Nebraska

(402) 537-0855

In order for my clients and fighters to be successful in their athletic endeavors, I wanted to provide a facility where they could do it all right here. From their technical training to their cardio, to their strength and conditioning programs. Our gym is equipped with state of the art equipment and highly skilled trainers to help everyone get to where they want to be. 

10801 Blondo St
Omaha, Nebraska

(402) 498-9592 

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We are taking the sport of MMA to GI by opening a fully insured gym with a talented instructor with more than 20 years combined in the various aspects of MMA. We are blessed to be able to open up a gym/school and encourage the sport as well as allow advanced and pro fighters to come and participate.

509 Gold Rd.
Grand Island, Nebraska

(308) 293-2499